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This three-star hotel is modernly planned and it is placed on a sunny location with a marvelous view across Savinjska valley.
In our restaurant, which seats 90 people and has an open fireplace, we offer our guests a domestic and warm ambient.
Wellness is a harmonious condition of body, mind, and spirit based on the self-responsibility of man.
The ski slope Celjska koča has a modern system of artificial snowing and is equiped with lighting that enables comfortable skiing.
Celjska koča is a part of the Posavje hillrange. The area is distinguished by six distinctive hilltops and four valleys, between them.
Hotel kategorije treh zvezdic se nahaja v idiličnem okolju in zavetju neokrnjenih gozdov. Je sodobno zasnovan in zgrajen na sončni legi.

Celjska koča

Celjska koča (the Celje hut) with its hinterland is a part of a country side on the southern part of the Celje valley, for which the main characteristics is a hilly landscape, typical of this area is also the preserved natural habitat and small density of population. It is relatively close to the city Celje (8,5 km from Pečovnik and 12 km from Štore) and is connected to the valley with roads and hiking paths. Celjska koča (the Celje hut) is a well-known small Slovene ski slope with a long tradition in Štajerska district. Since 1928 it has been hosting skiing competitions and has been voted the best ski slope in the category of small ski slopes five times in the last couple of years. It is a very popular hiking destination amongst people living in Celje and its surrounding towns. You can reach Celjska koča (the Celje hut) by foot, bicycle or car. You can take a walk along the educational nature path or to the nearby hiking destinations; you can also ride a bicycle, ski in the winter on a very pleasant skiing ground, or enjoy the beautiful mountainous surroundings and end your trip with a taste of the delicious home-cooked food at the new hotel Celjska koča. For a person who knows how to enjoy life and nature, Celjska koča and its surroundings are a real “chicken soup” for the soul and body.